Certified Network Professionals

Customized Security & Network Solutions
for America’s Ports since 2007

Engineered Solutions that Keep America’s Ports Safe and Secure.

Certified Network Professionals (CNP) are engineers, not marketers, who use our combined 100 years of experience and education to protect America’s airports and seaports. We research each client’s current system, security risks, and protection requirements.

America’s airports and seaports are constantly under attack. A prepackaged or cookie-cutter solution is not enough to protect our aviation and maritime facilities, people, and cargo. CNP’s engineers create specific protections that integrate multiple platforms for seamless, trackable, and reliable security solutions.

No-Hassle, No-Excuses Customer Support and Network Maintenance.

We build comprehensive security and safety perimeters against physical and virtual threats. We also provide incredible customer support. Our clients enjoy the assurance of our “7x24x365” support – our exclusive no-hassle, no-excuses network maintenance program.

As former senior systems engineers at global telecommunication service providers, CNP is passionate about delivering exceptional integrated solutions that are easy to use and effective against an attack.

Our high-tech systems are created with end-user comfort in mind: we focus on delivering voice, video, and data over a single wired or wireless network. CNP takes ownership of the critical system infrastructure with flexible and comprehensive support packages custom built to the customers needs.

Custom Security Solutions Built from The Ground Up.

CNP is a team of industry-certified and degreed network engineers specializing in custom security systems for airports and seaports. We are vendor-independent, allowing us to provide the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective security solutions.









“There are few security companies that understand the intricacies of dealing with an airport: the many touchpoints, multiple entities, and regulatory bodies. Orlando and his team have a strong technical skill set and a knowledge of the aviation industry, which sets CNP apart.”

“CNP has been with us for fifteen years, and I expect that they will continue to work with us. There are very few people who can do what they do.”

“CNP ensures we have a safe and secure airport.”

Maurice Jenkins, IAP C.M.

Director, Information Systems & Telecommunications
Miami Dade Aviation Department

‘I’ve known Orlando and his team for 13 years. They are direct, open, fair, and technically savvy. Because they are engineers, they have a global understanding of the system they are working on, allowing them to pinpoint issues above and beyond their scope of work. We’ve put CNP on the front line for a few projects. No matter what the challenge, they deliver. CNP is a great group of experienced engineers to work with.”

Daniel J. Stuart

Senior Construction Manager – Security/Technology
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

“My significant benefits from working with CNP are their depth of knowledge of video surveillance management systems, communications networks, and overall attention to detail.”

Mike H. Adams, PMP, RCDD

Ross & Baruzzini, Inc.
Program Manager

“Certified Network Professionals joined our team to assist with fully integrating a new and complex system. Despite never being on our team or working for this particular client, they responded and performed well in a new and challenging environment. CNP responded rapidly to phone calls, even after hours. They are very professional and can be trusted to work with clients without supervision.”

Don Corthell

Director of Projects
PSA Management