Charleston International Airport (CHS)


Juniper and Aruba Network

System Features: Forty (40) network switches/routers, 24 WAPs, and controllers Scope of Work: Integration and migration services to deploy the new Juniper Network switches and routers (TRIP Program), Aruba Wireless Access Points, and Firewall platform. Tested, commissioned, and executed acceptance test plans with clients.

Miami International Airport (MIA)


Airport Security Communication Maintenance & Integration

System Features: 170 Network switches/routers, 74 wireless nodes, 100 Qognify NVRs, 3200 cameras, 1500 intercoms, 400 Qognify Encoders.

Scope of Work: 10-year “on-site” and “on-call” 24x7x365 maintenance and operations of the MIA Airport Security Systems, which consists of a Juniper, Cisco, and Extreme network infrastructure. Maintain product certifications and 3rd party advance RMA agreements. Design consultation, installation, integration, and operations of existing and new security-related communication systems, including the network infrastructure, VMS/PSIM systems, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) platforms, etc. Development and implementation of migration plans and acceptance test procedures. Provide ongoing preventative maintenance, trouble resolution, and generate maintenance activity reports.

Runway Incursion Detection

System Features: 318 cameras, 8 Qognify NVRs, 53 radios, Situator PSIM

Scope of Work: Migrated the network infrastructure while performing Qognify NVR upgrades, new camera integration, video analytics implementation (intrusion detection), and security workstation updates as part of the RID deployment. Tested, commissioned, and executed acceptance test plans with the client and drove the project to customer acceptance.

Qognify Forklift Upgrades

System Features: 1460 cameras & 48 Qognify NVRs

Scope of Work: Forklift upgrade activities included replacing the Qognify hardware, migration of the channel configurations, and ACS integration. Tested, commissioned, and executed acceptance test plans with the client for all ACS integrated cameras.

North Terminal Program

System Features: 15 Network switches/routers, 809 cameras, 740 intercoms & 658 doors integrations to media endpoints

Scope of Work: Deployed head-end Qognify recorders, network switches, as well as other video hardware. Associated video and audio channels to ACS system. Tested, commissioned, and executed acceptance test plans with clients.


Orlando International Airport


BP-443 Airside 4 Improvements Program

System Features: NiceVision AMS, 3 NVRs, 137 cameras, and 42 audio channel integration with CCure ACS

Scope of Work: Design consultation, integration, and training of the Qognify VMS expansion for CBP. Services also included warranty support services, development, and execution of an acceptance test plan.

Port Canaveral


Canaveral Port Authority – CT3 Improvement Project

System Features: Two (2) Pivot3/Milestone Systems, 5 NVRs, over 300 cameras channel integrations

Scope of Work: Deploy the first Pivot3 HCI / Milestone VMS Solution on two Virtual Platforms. Implement Milestone Servers and NVRs to integrate over 300 cameras. Provide training to Port and CBP personnel. Create and execute Acceptance Test Plan with the client.

Canaveral Port Authority – CT8/10 Qognify Deployment

System Features: One (1) NVR, 31 cameras, and ten audio channel integration

Scope of Work: Replace existing NVR with new hardware, integrate recorder into existing Qognify VMS system, and provision video/audio channels. Create and execute Acceptance Test Plan with the client.

Port Miami


Terminal B (NCL) Project

System Features: 10 NVRs, 300 cameras, 30 audio channel integrations

Scope of Work: Procurement, installation, integration, testing, commissioning, and training for the Qognify VMS (Vision Hub) solution for the Port and CBP systems. Services also included the integration of over 300 Axis cameras and ongoing preventative maintenance activities.

Southwest Regional International Airport


Security Expansion Project

System Features: 1 NVR and 49 video channel integration

Scope of Work: Integration, testing, and commissioning for the Qognify VMS expansion.
Services also included the development and execution of an acceptance test plan.


“There are few security companies that understand the intricacies of dealing with an airport: the many touchpoints, multiple entities, and regulatory bodies. Orlando and his team have a strong technical skill set and a knowledge of the aviation industry, which sets CNP apart.”

“CNP has been with us for fifteen years, and I expect that they will continue to work with us. There are very few people who can do what they do.”

“CNP ensures we have a safe and secure airport.”

Maurice Jenkins, IAP C.M.

Director, Information Systems & Telecommunications
Miami Dade Aviation Department

‘I’ve known Orlando and his team for 13 years. They are direct, open, fair, and technically savvy. Because they are engineers, they have a global understanding of the system they are working on, allowing them to pinpoint issues above and beyond their scope of work. We’ve put CNP on the front line for a few projects. No matter what the challenge, they deliver. CNP is a great group of experienced engineers to work with.”

Daniel J. Stuart

Senior Construction Manager – Security/Technology
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

“My significant benefits from working with CNP are their depth of knowledge of video surveillance management systems, communications networks, and overall attention to detail.”

Mike H. Adams, PMP, RCDD

Ross & Baruzzini, Inc.
Program Manager

“Certified Network Professionals joined our team to assist with fully integrating a new and complex system. Despite never being on our team or working for this particular client, they responded and performed well in a new and challenging environment. CNP responded rapidly to phone calls, even after hours. They are very professional and can be trusted to work with clients without supervision.”

Don Corthell

Director of Projects
PSA Management